The croupier as such in the casino plays the role of the controlling authority, the person who orders the game. The dealer helps the novice to navigate, and the professionals to concentrate on the game. However, its powers are not limited to the dealer can also act as an adviser.

In Europe, croupiers were not present on the market for so long, because gambling was very soon persecuted, and therefore the profession quickly outlived itself for reasons beyond its control. In the mind of the layman, the profession of croupier was put aside as something contrary to the spirit of fair play. Cheaters and scammers-so often their image was formed by films with a twisted plot.

Croupiers not only on the territory of the former Europa but also, in general, can make numerous mistakes during the game. A lot of simple mistakes that are not typical for big pros are made due to poor training. Often, the process of training dealers started on its own, because this was done by those who themselves did not stay in office for so long.

Roulette is subject to the same mathematical laws, no matter where on Earth it is set, so we should say about the role of the dealer in the game. The client’s confidence in the croupier determines whether they win or lose. There are often cases when the advice given by the dealer turns out to be deliberately losing, which indicates his low professionalism.

This situation is formed from a chain of simple things: often yesterday’s employees in the service sector in a couple of months after finding a new specialty find inflated self-esteem. It can be formed either on the basis of solid experience, as it seems to a person, or after training beginners. It is not difficult to feel like a bison against the background of people who know nothing.

What about the croupier’s action?

In roulette, blackjack, and poker, the effectiveness of the croupier’s actions does not always go hand in hand with efficiency. You should clearly distinguish a cool croupier from one who puts dust in your eyes because dealers often act as advisers. Their recommendations are usually asked by the players themselves. The latter relies on the experience of the employee.

Is it necessary?

However, it is not necessary to recommend using the dealer’s advice in practice. Good manners and professional actions are not necessarily the key to success. In order for a dealer to give really good advice, he needs to spend a lot of hours on the other side of the table, and this, alas, is very rare.

Should I rely on the advice of the croupier?

You should not rely on the advice of the croupier because today all information about possible successful strategies of the game is publicly available. By studying them, you can easily refuse anyone’s advice at all. Perseverance and a high degree of concentration allow you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and, moreover, unnecessary advice.