Among people who are interested in playing roulette, new strategies are constantly emerging that increase the chances of winning. Some of these new products are well worth getting acquainted with. They may bring some of you the desired success.

Among the novelties in the field of roulette strategies, you should pay attention to the strategy called “double bet”. The idea of this strategy is that the player bets mainly on a dozen and a column, giving a 2:1 coefficient in case of winning. If the bet is successful, all the money won goes to the next bet.

It looks like this: the player puts a certain amount (say, $10), but then loses four times (minus $40), the fifth time the winnings fall out (plus $30). In General, the player still loses $10. After that, the player puts the amount won and the subsequent win (plus $90) brings him $80 of net income. Following this pattern, a subsequent win will give the player a $270 net profit. The advantage of using such a roulette system is that after waiting for a series of wins, the player takes the initial bets, and continues to play for the remaining amount. As a result, a player loses only casino money in a bad scenario, but if they are lucky, they can win a fairly decent amount in a short time.

In order to successfully apply the following strategy, you must adhere to certain rules. Before you start playing, you need to determine what amount you can part with relatively painlessly as a result of losing. You should also decide on the actual amount of winnings, after which you will stop playing. In order for you to make a profit as a result of using this strategy, you need to place about 666 bets on the inner field. However, you should keep in mind that the size of bets on the outer field may differ significantly in different casinos.

The game should continue until the limit of the expected winnings exceeds the set limit or until all the numbers from 1 to 36 are passed. You must remember that you do not need to bet on the numbers that have already fallen out.

Best Roulette Strategies

What about the minimum bid?

For example, let’s select the minimum bid of $1 and put it on the number 1. The number that falls out should be written down. If the bet is not played, we put it on the number 2, and the bet increases by $1.

What about subsequent time?

Each subsequent time, you must write down the number on which the bet was not played, and increase it by $1. As a result, the higher the payout percentage in the casino, the more likely you will win. The highest number a player can reach is 36.

What about recording numbers?

Until the player wins, it is necessary to clearly record the numbers on which the bet was not played. After the number gets a win, you should place a bet on the next number that did not fall out before. This is where you will find your previous recordings useful.