You don’t know many people who think about trying out the pool when visiting a casino. The main purpose of spending time in a gambling establishment is the game itself. Roulette, slots, blackjack — anything but the pool. However, do not rush to conclusions.

Your stay at the casino can be much more enjoyable, because casinos do not just get pools. If they do, then the place for swimming is really decorated at the highest level. This will surprise many, but it is not the first year that casinos with pools have attracted far more gambling people than their competitors.

The Galactica Macau casino has the most famous and most impressive pool in terms of architecture and size. This 4,000-square-foot structure really surprises new visitors. Palm trees and a sandy beach only add to the entourage. The most interesting thing is that the pool is located on the roof of the casino building itself. Note that in case of trouble, you can always be pulled out of the pool by a lifeguard who is always on duty nearby.

Casino “Mandalay Bay” in Las Vegas, like “Galaxy”, boasts a pool of impressive size with a wave effect. Why go to the sea, if it is in the middle of the desert of Nevada? The answer to this question can only be rhetorical for visitors of this most popular casino. In addition to one large basin, there are two slightly smaller ones, as well as winding channels of artificial rivers. Fantastic, Yes and only!

“Venetian Macao” is also one of the five most popular casinos on the coast of the South China Sea. Here, visitors who decide to look into the pool will be amazed by the neon light show, excellent DJ training and a magnificent panorama of the wonderfully decorated hotel next door. It is interesting that you can watch all the beauty directly from the room everything that happens is broadcast live on TV screens.

How about art lovers?

If you are a great art lover, then you should definitely visit the casino “Caesars Palace”. There is no other way to describe the 5-hectare pool there as a work of decorative art. Many visitors do not hide their delight, claiming that they have visited Olympus. The pool is called “Garden of the gods”. There is an opportunity to play blackjack right there.

What about excellent pools?

In fairness, we note that there are excellent pools in Atlantic City. The most famous and luxurious belongs to the Borgata casino. Experts, let alone visitors, with one voice, declare that “Dive” is the best indoor swimming pool for recreation on the planet.

What about the most popular casinos?

Of course, most of the most popular casinos with pools are located in Las Vegas and Macau, but other cities and other countries from the East coast of the United States to the Western Islands of Southeast Asia offer great ways to spend time in casinos without leaving the water surface.